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Those flowers look so vibrant and full of life in that last issue of Gardeners’ World, but any attempt to grow them yourself ends up being less than picture perfect. There’s no need to be green fingered to make your garden look good, there are a range of quick and easy tips that can work wonders with little time and effort.

Natural walls

Natural screening

No matter how much you spruce up your garden there’s always going to be area that is a bit of an eyesore. From wheelie bins to compost heaps, everything can be hidden with a cleverly placed screen. Even the ugliest of of garden features can be hidden from view with a makeshift wall of bamboo or willow. Both are relatively cheap and easy to fit.

Hide the clutter

Hide the clutter

Paddling pool, lawnmower, kids toys and that hammock that is used for a week in the summer. Gardens tend to accumulate various bits and bobs that stay there until they’re needed. Invest in a garden chest or a shed and in a few minutes you’ll be able to clear the clutter for a better view of your garden.

Fake it

Fake turf

Nothing says pristine garden more than a freshly mown lawn. But laying and maintaining one can often be a lot of hassle. Artificial turf can be an inexpensive solution and can be found at garden centres or even some larger supermarkets.

Excellent edging

Flower bed borders

If you do have a lawn you’ll know that it looks at its best when it’s neatly trimmed, with the edges exactly where they’re supposed to be. Don’t have time for that? Make sure you put some edging around it, to limit it overgrowing where it shouldn’t. Far from being just practical, edging can also add a decorative element to your lawn. This is because they’re available in wooden, metal and stone varieties.

Still a lot more to be done in your garden?

If your garden is too wild for any of these tips, maybe it’s time to get a professional in to tame it. Not only could hiring a gardener transform your outdoor space, they could also tell you about low-maintenance plants and accessories that'll make your garden easier to manage in the long run.

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