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First Utility #askSuperLeague interview - part 1

Yesterday we welcomed six Super League players to the First Utility office, where we asked them your questions. Jamie Langley, Matty Smith, Richie Myler, Eorl Crabtree, Luke Dorn and Jon Wilkin paid us a visit to see just how much they could save by switching to First Utility and answered some of your questions while they were here.

Craig North asked: ‘Who will win the Challenge Cup? Cas or Leeds?’

Jamie Langley: ‘Tough one to call but as good a team as Leeds is, I just can’t see Cas losing. They seem to have an air of invulnerability. No matter who they put in the team, they seem to have the same game plan and structure which means I can’t see past them winning.’
Matty Smith: ‘Leeds’
Jon Wilkin: ‘I hope Cas, but I think Leeds’
Luke Dorn: ‘I think I’ll go Cas!’
Eorl Crabtree: ‘I can’t say, I’m sitting on the fence and being a neutral supporter but I think it’s going to be very close!’
Richie Myler: ‘I think my head’s going to say Leeds, although I’d like to see Cas have a good crack at it.’

Meltham All Blacks asked: ‘If your team got relegated from Super League would you leave straight away or stay and try and get your team back in?’

Jamie: ‘I think under the current circumstances it would be a lot more appealing to stay with your team. Under the new structure there’s always the opportunity to get back in. Middle play offs are the most exciting competition, are fun to watch and give a lot of incentive to stay with your team for that reason. Also there’s the loyalty factor of wanting your club to do well and getting your team to where you feel they belong.’
Matty: ‘I think if I had a contract I’d have to stay but that would be the right thing to do anyway.’
Jon: ‘With me being at St Helens that’s one of those things where something would have gone seriously wrong if we were relegated. But I’m a pretty loyal guy!’
Luke: ‘Probably a hard one for me at my age. I’d probably leave unfortunately!’
Eorl: ‘I’ve already been relegated with my team before. I stayed with them and got promoted the next season. Best thing I ever did.’
Richie: ‘It’s a hard one. For me personally I’d be devastated if my team went down and I’d do everything possible to get my team back up.’

Ian Wilkins asked: ‘I think this is the best season of Super League because all the teams are more even now and any team can win on the day. Do you all agree?

Jamie: ‘I’d have to agree definitely. It’s as closely fought as it ever has been. Your points difference is minimal so there’s still opportunities for all teams. The competition as a whole is stronger. There’s the surprise packages of Widnes and Cas which makes it more exciting. It’s a very intriguing and competitive league which is what we need. Hopefully this will continue.’
Matty: ‘Yeah definitely. If you look at the top six there are only a couple of points between them. Anyone can win the league and it’s definitely closer than it has been before!’
Jon: ‘I think it’s very close. Between first place and sixth place there’s only two points separating them with only a month left in the season so a lot of people are very interested in how the season’s going to finish.’
Luke: ‘Yeah for sure. I think the results have shown anyone can beat anyone. It’s an exciting competition.’
Richie: ‘Certainly so. It’s what we’ve been crying out for a long time, a really close, competitive competition.’

Julie Carruthers asked: ‘What do you all think of the new league structure for next season?’

Jamie: ‘Obviously the proof will be in the pudding but I think it’s a good idea. Having a play off for promotion/relegation means there is a good incentive for championship clubs to strive and keeps Super League teams on their heels. Middle play offs will be just as exciting as the top play offs so I’m really looking forward to it.’
Eorl: ‘I can’t tell you because I don’t understand it!’

Freya Rachael asked: ‘Did you always want to be rugby players?’

Jamie: ‘I think from the age of about 12 or 13 I realised I could make a career out of it and that I needed to knuckle and down and dedicate myself to it.’
Matty: ‘No I only started playing when I was 16. I wanted to be a football player to be honest.’
Jon: ‘No not at all. I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere and the last thing on my mind was playing rugby. I was a country bumpkin but playing professional rugby just happened and my dad played so that influenced me.’
Luke: ‘It sort of just happened. I don’t know if I wanted to initially but when it came along, I quickly realised I wanted it. I think I wanted to be rock star more than a rugby player though!’
Eorl: ‘No, I wanted to be a policeman like my dad. I never wanted to be a wrestler like a lot of people thought. Rugby league just happened!’
Richie: ‘Yes, my dad and granddad played rugby so it was always a path I was going to try and take.’

Mike McCourt asked: ‘Have you ever shaved one side of your head, painted yourself lime green and done the can can?’

Jamie: ‘I’ve kind of shaved three quarters of my head at the moment as I’ve got a mohawk. I guess the Mohawk is part of my rehab process; I did it to keep me entertained. I’ve painted myself green as well actually when I was the hulk. I’m sure I’ve done the can can at some stage as well but never all three at the same time. I’ll put it on my bucket list!’
Matty: ‘Yes, I think you’re strange if you haven’t done that!’
Luke: ‘Not that I recall!’
Eorl: ‘Not all at the same time!’
Richie: ‘No but it sounds like fun!’

Brandon Fryston Willshaw asked: ‘Who was your idol as a kid?’

Matty: ‘Playing a lot of football, I used to love watching Robbie Fowler even though he was a Liverpool player and I’m a big Everton fan!’
Jon: ‘That’s difficult. I think my dad, as soppy as that sounds. I looked up to him a lot as a kid and wanted to be like him. No there’s no sportsman, I didn’t have a dream to be like someone.’
Luke: ‘Wayne Pearce or Andrew Johns.’
Eorl: ‘Tough question. Never really had an idol, just admired lots of different people.’
Richie: ‘Sean Edwards was always a great player and someone who played in my position so I always looked up to him.’

Fiona Senior asked: ‘To any of the players who have played for England: What’s it like playing for England and what’s it like playing against Australia and New Zealand?’

Jamie: ‘It’s a massive achievement first and foremost. As a young lad growing up when you start setting your goals, it’s always at the top your list to represent your country. Fortunately I had the opportunity. There’s no better feeling to walk out in the England jersey, you know it’s going to be a tough game and you get to test yourself against the best players in the world which is ultimately why we do it. You want to reach the highest level in the game and there’s no better achievement.’
Matty: ‘Playing for your country is the best thing you can do and hopefully I’ll get to play Australia and NZ this year.’
Jon: ‘It’s really surreal when you get the opportunity to play for your country. When you get the chance to play against the best teams in the world, it’s a huge challenge. Beating Australia at the Sydney football stadium was a standout moment in my career.’
Eorl: ‘It’s a great overall experience - actually being selected, being in the England camps and being around the lads.’
Richie: ‘It’s always very special whenever you put an England shirt on. It’s always something you remember and will be very proud of!’

Check the blog tomorrow for part two of our #askSuperleague interview.

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