Alternative Valentine's Day Gifts

February. That time of year when love is in the air and the sale of roses steps up a gear. But if bouquets bore you, it might be time to think outside the chocolate box for your next love-themed gift. Get adventurous with your loved one and give them a present they won’t soon forget.

Smitten Mittens

Ever feel like holding hands with your significant other but the cold gets in the way? Smittens are two-person mittens that allow you to keep your fingers toasty and still walk hand in hand. Say goodbye to holding gloved hands when the weather gets nippy and show your loved one how much you want to stay close to them, whatever the weather.

Blacksmithing Day

Hammer and blade in a blacksmiths

Traditional romantic outings usually involve a candlelit dinner, or a glass of wine somewhere plush. But if you really want to make sparks fly on Valentine’s Day why not grab a hammer and make something unique for your home or garden? Perfect for beginners or seasoned veterans of the forge.

Head Case

Your photo on your suitcase
Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a giant polyester print out of your face on your partner’s suitcase. Perfect for reminding them (and everybody else) who is number one in their lives. In more practical terms your face would also protect their case from cosmetic damage and would help them to spot it when it pops out of the conveyor belt at the airport.

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