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When we started out back in 2008, we wanted to give customers the tools to manage their energy and put them in control. With the shortest day of the year almost upon us (21 December), we thought it’d be good to take a look at one of these tools in more detail.

My Energy

Whether you’re decking your halls with Christmas lights or not, shorter days mean longer nights, so you’re likely to be using more electricity to light your home. On top of that, cold weather is likely to have you reaching for the thermostat. And while some of us get a cosy, fuzzy feeling from switching on the central heating, others may be inclined to put it off for as long as possible, instead opting for the warmest woolly jumper in the wardrobe.

Whichever side you’re on, My Energy allows you to see exactly where your energy is going. You only need to log into your account and select My Energy to get started.

Hints and tips

My Energy gives you a good view of when and how you use your energy, but it also provides hints and tips that could make a difference in your home. For example, whether a computer is in use or idle, it uses a similar amount of energy. Switch it to sleep and you could save about £30 a year. Small, easy changes like this can add up and potentially save you both energy and money.

Compare your home with the Jones’

Want to see what the neighbours are up to? You can compare your home’s energy usage to similar homes in your area if you’d like. Who knows, applying energy-saving measures to your house, flat or bungalow could provide a new topic for smalltalk with the neighbours.

It works with your smart meter

Got a smart meter? Your in-home display (IHD) unit gives your energy use in pounds and pence and you can see changes in usage reflected before your very eyes. Meter readings are submitted automatically and you can also up the frequency of your meter readings to half hourly.

But why bother? Well, for one, you’ll get an even clearer view of your energy usage. It helps the energy industry to develop new products too. As energy suppliers get even better insights into how customers use their energy, there’s the possibility to develop new ‘time of use’ tariffs. This in turn can help keep increase the number of tariffs available, which ultimately benefits you and your purse.

Log in and take a look around

Probably the best way to understand My Energy is to log in and give it a go. But My Energy isn’t the only useful thing you can find in My Account. You can update your payment details, see what tariffs are available to you and even earn rewards by referring friends - not a bad idea with Christmas and the January sales potentially putting a dent in your bank account. Watch the video below to see My Account in action.

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