Five simple ways to cut your electricity usage

Kettle on, tumble dryer spinning, iron at full steam and the soundsystem blasting out a bit of Bieber. Saturday mornings are usually a buzz of domestic activity for most households and electricity is the key that keeps everything running smoothly. All those appliances are great, but too much use can cause a bit of a shock when your electricity bill comes. Don’t worry, we’ve got a few tips to keep your usage under control.

To dry or not to dry

Moving your clothes straight from the washer to the dryer may save you time, but it definitely won’t save you money. The tumble dryer is the most energy consuming home appliance after your fridge and it isn’t used anywhere near as much. If you do have to use it, try to make sure the clothes are as dry as possible, so that there’s less excess water. That means taking your load for a fast spin in the washer.

Say no to standby

The little red light of standby mode may make it look like your devices are asleep, but in fact they’re still using almost as much energy as if they were awake. Some devices can use up to 85% of the energy they’d use if they were fully switched on. That little bit of effort can save you and most devices can be turned off at the mains without losing any of your saved settings.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, a household could save £30 a year by remembering to switch off standby.

Time for an upgrade?

Kettle on its last legs? Iron past its prime? As your appliances naturally come to the end of their life, it’ll pay to look for energy efficient upgrades. Look out for the ratings when you shop for your new appliance as there could be a big saving difference between a B+ and A+++ fridge.

Luminescent LED

Households that have seen the light and switched to LED lighting are already saving money annually. LED bulbs are one of the most energy efficient available. Ready to upgrade all your lights? That bright idea could save you about £35 a year on your electricity bill according to the Energy Saving Trust.

Freezer master

It may seem like your freezer can handle any frozen treats thrown at it, but showing it a bit of attention can pay off in the long run. A fridge and freezer accounts for an average of 7% of your electricity consumption, so don’t show it the cold shoulder.

Some freezers defrost automatically. If yours doesn’t, then keep an eye on the ice inside it. If it’s starting to look like the antarctic in there it may be time to defrost it. It doesn’t take long and can help your freezer work more effectively.

Give our ideas a go and see if you notice a reduction in your electricity bill in comparison to the previous month. Challenge yourself to beat your personal best and keep the savings going.

For even more ways to save electricity log in to your account for a personalised breakdown of your energy usage with ‘My Energy’.


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