The best value energy saving appliances

An average household today contains 40 electrical and electronic appliances, compared to just 12 in the 1970s. So it’s no surprise that energy efficiency has become a significant factor to consider when it comes to choosing a new appliance. Those who make electrical goods have responded to the knowledge that energy use has an impact on the environment by making appliances much more energy efficient than they used to be.

And manufacturers and retailers in the European Union are obliged to inform consumers about the energy efficiency of their products via labelling, which gives each appliance a rating from A-G. In 2004, new subcategories of A+, A++ and A+++ were introduced, but the latest news is that these are likely to be phased out, in favour of a return to the simpler A-G ratings.

While using more energy efficient appliances is undoubtedly better for the planet, it’s also better for your wallet, too. Kitting out your household with category A rated appliances, over category G rated appliances, for example, could save you over a hundred pounds a year, every year.

In our search for the most energy saving appliances, we’ve turned to Top Ten UK, an independent consumer platform set up by the Energy Saving Trust. With the aim of lowering consumer electricity bills and reducing emissions, Top Ten UK looks at all new appliances and rates them according to their energy efficiency.

For the products highlighted below, we’ve looked at both energy efficiency and retail price to give our pick of some of the best value energy saving appliances of 2017, for a bright and energy efficient 2018.




From £530

Energy rating: A+++

Electricity cost per year: £26.70

  • Frost free fridge freezer with adjustable temperature zones
  • ‘Smart Diagnosis’ feature assesses faults before you have to call an engineer
  • Impressive A+++ energy rating
  • Its linear compressor uses fewer mechanical parts, which reduces energy consumption
  • Guaranteed for 10 years




From £674

Energy rating: A+++

Electricity cost per year: £25.66

  • Free-standing dishwasher with 8 kg load capacity
  • Self-cleaning condenser gives a high drying performance with low energy consumption
  • Unique ‘Sensitive Drying’ drum structure reduces creasing
  • Quiet 64 dB operation
  • A+++ energy efficiency rating




From £299

Energy rating: A+++

Electricity cost per year: £23.32

  • ‘TimeCare’ feature saves energy by reducing washing cycle time
  • 7kg capacity - perfect for small to medium sized households
  • Weight sensor adjusts each cycle for optimum use of power and water
  • A+++ rating for energy efficiency
  • Overheat protection makes the machine safer and extends its life




From £384

Energy rating: A+++

Electricity cost per year: £36.15

  • Auto Programme feature adapts settings to save time and energy
  • Turbo fan leaves dishes perfectly dry
  • 30 minute quick wash feature
  • Saves energy by using sensors to adjust the water amount and temperature to the minimum necessary for cleaning
  • A+++ rating for energy efficiency

5. TV



From £388

Energy rating: A++

Electricity cost per year: £4.50

  • Award-winning 32 inch LED Smart TV
  • One of the few TVs to achieve an A++ rating for energy efficiency
  • ‘Clear voice’ function separates out voices from background noise
  • Built-in access to online entertainment services
  • ‘Magic Remote’ controls features and settings simply and intuitively

Here’s another great way to save energy. As a First Utility customer, you can opt to get a smart meter installed to see how much electricity your home is using in kilowatts in real time, and how much this is costing you in pounds and pence. You might also be able to save money by choosing the most appropriate plan for paying for your energy. Make sure you’re on the right one for you by checking out all our energy plans here.

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