Busting smart meter myths

With the release of new technology, it’s not unusual to hear some concerns voiced alongside it. While some people champion these technological advances, others may be wary to adopt them, especially as many of these products often come with rumours about function, safety and control. Think mobile phones, online banking and contactless payments to name a few.

Smart meters are no exception. Although they’ve been around for about a decade or so now, there are still a lot of misconceptions out there - some of which have no basis in reality. That’s why we’ve produced our own set of videos, examining the myths and looking beyond the theories to find the facts.

Our first video, ‘Are smart meters secure?’, can be viewed below.

We believe that smart meters give customers greater control over their energy use, make life easier by taking away the hassle of manual readings, plus they’re safe and secure.

Visit our smart meter page to learn more about the benefits of this technology and how you can get one installed.

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