BBQ wireless sound system guide

Top devices to help you host a BBQ to remember

Summertime… and the living is easy. BBQs and picnics in the park start to dominate social calendars across the UK. If you’re planning on getting friends and family together around the grill, choosing some choice summer tunes can really add to the atmosphere. And thanks to wireless technology, it’s easier than ever to bring the sound outside. Here are some products that can help you do exactly that.
OutCast and Melody
OutCast and Melody

Specialist outdoor speakers

OutCast and Melody from Soundcast are wireless speakers designed to be weather resistant come rain or shine. Handy if you often entertain outdoors, especially as the weather here in the UK can be so changeable. If you’re planning a trip or a staycation, smaller travel options are available too. Simply connect with your phone via bluetooth and get out in the sunshine. Prices start from £149.

Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo

Smart home hubs

The options for smart home hubs just keep growing. GoogleAmazon and Apple are just a few of the big names with offerings in the market and far from being a fad, the trend looks set to continue. These clever devices don’t just play music, they also interact with other smart technology in your home, from TVs to lighting. They’re a multi-use piece of technology that you’ll use again and again. Get connected to your favourite music platform and then bring your smart home out into the garden.

Sonos Play 1
Sonos Play 1

A wireless sound system

Some wireless sound systems rely on bluetooth, but Sonos streams over your wireless connection, so the music won’t stop when your friend rings and asks for directions to the party. As well as speakers and accessories, they’ve given some thought to the wireless connection too. BOOST is a handy little box that allows you to create your own wireless network just for playing music over the Sonos system, minimising disruption to the music. Speaker prices start from £199.

The perfect soundtrack

Here comes the best bit; curating your own playlist. Stream it using a service such as Spotify and Deezer, or connect to your iTunes account - whatever works best for you. Then just press play and get cooking.

The right broadband connection

Streaming music or downloading albums digitally might have seemed like science-fiction a few years ago, but the internet and wireless connections are now integral to our daily lives. And as broadband technology advances, so too do the options available to us. For your BBQ, a standard broadband connection is probably all you’ll need for the music to flow.

The latest smart innovations need the best broadband. Our broadband products come with totally unlimited downloads and you won’t have to pay any connection charges or deal with a price increase at the end of your minimum contract. Take a look at our exclusive plans.

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