Five tools to help you organise your life

There’s nothing like putting pen to paper and ticking off an item on your to-do list. Physical diaries and organisers are great, but it’s not always convenient to carry them around in a pockets or bag. And as so much of our life is carried around on our phones these days, using online tools and mobile apps is a great way to keep organised.


Yummly are on a mission ‘to be the smartest and most helpful food platform in existence’. When you sign up, Yummly asks you to provide information about your diet, what you like to eat and any restrictions you might face. It’ll then use this information to suggest tried and tasted recipes. The app version also gives you a shopping list tool to match up with your recipes. With all the delicious creations available to try, you’ll be Instagramming your meals in no time.

Google Play, Apple Store.

See also: Change4life. This is a website and app from the NHS, designed to provide healthy recipes, from family dinners to packed lunches. The app has a practical shopping list functionality.

Google Play, Apple Store.


Wunderlist is a nifty tool that works on everything from laptops to smart watches and syncs itself between all of your devices. Assign reminders to your to-do lists or share with colleagues, friends or family members. There’s also the option to add hashtags to filter your lists and ‘one-click’ printing, if you’d like physically tick off a completed task.

Available across all formats.

See also: Google Keep. Keep notes through your browser or on the go with your mobile. Keep it simple or add images, share with friends or even link it to a digital calendar for reminders.

Google Play.

First Utility Home Services

Do you have a smart thermostat that’s still sitting in its box, waiting for installation? Or do you keep putting off the annual boiler service? First Utility Home Services can put you in touch with professionals and gas safety experts in just a few clicks, leaving you with time to plan other things.

See also: Blow Ltd. In keeping with the theme of getting the professionals to share their expertise in your home, Blow Ltd allows you to book hair and beauty treatments to take place in your living room. Available in Greater London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Google Play, Apple Store.


This app will allow you to record your spending and budget accordingly. Take note of what you spend and where to get a clearer view of where your money is going. You can also scan your receipts and set saving goals.

Google Play, Apple Store.

See also: OnTrees. Connect to your bank accounts, see where your money is going and start saving.

Apple Store.


Thinking about meditating, getting up everyday at 5am or boosting your esteem? Trying to change takes time and needs consistent effort. Lucky for us, Fabulous has been designed to help you rewire your brain and start new and better habits. If that sounds a bit too wishy-washy, Fabulous states that it’s a science-based app that can slowly but surely help you achieve what you want.

Google Play, Apple Store.

See also: Headspace. This app focuses on meditation rather than habits, but if you’re looking to build a regular meditation practice, this could help.

Google Play, Apple Store.

Some apps are great for when you’re on the move, but most work best at home where your Wi-Fi is strong and you can save your monthly phone data allowance. Need a fast reliable broadband connection to get the best of the above apps? Browse First Utility’s range of plans and get connected today.

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