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Just like gas, electricity is at the center of what makes living in our homes more comfortable. From the electricity required to power your TV, to more practical requirements like your lights and kettle, electricity is critical to the running of your home.

Considering how much electricity all of our modern devices use, it is important to get the best possible deal when choosing an electricity supplier. Thanks to the ''Switching Guarantee'', switching suppliers isn’t a long and complicated process anymore. But it’s still good to have all the information to hand if you decide to switch for a better deal.

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Should I switch electricity provider?

It is always worth shopping around for a better deal on your electricity tariff. Some providers offer incentives to sweeten the deal for new customers, so you could end up with a smart thermostat or another gadget to make your home life easier. As good as these incentives are, it ultimately comes down to how much of a saving you could get on your electricity. Most providers will have a range of tariffs, to suit the needs of different customers. If you’re looking for information online you can usually enter your details on their respective websites and get a quote. If you prefer to call up and speak to someone instead, they’ll give you a rundown of the best tariff options available to you. Is the estimated price per month lower than you’re currently paying? If so, it’s probably worth making the switch.

Am I eligible to switch electricity supplier?

Being in debt to your current supplier is the only thing that could potentially stop you from switching electricity suppliers. The rules differ between fixed-term contracts and prepayment meters. Fixed-term contract: If you’ve been in debt to your provider for longer than 28 days, they can stop you from switching Prepayment meter: If you pay for your electricity in advance and owe more than £500, your current supplier is allowed to stop you from switching. If none of the above apply to you and your supplier still stops you from switching, you should make a complaint. Guidance for how to do this can be found on the Citizen’s Advice 'website'.

How long does it usually take to switch?

Switching electricity supplier takes at least 17 days, but can sometimes take up to 3 weeks. This allows for you to change your mind and cancel under the 14 days ‘cooling off period’. If you cancel after this period you could be charged a fee.

What is the best time to switch?

If you’re in a fixed-term contract, the best time to switch would be before your current contract ends. You can leave your current contract 49 days before the contract is due to end, without incurring any exit fees. Be careful, as when your current fixed-term contract ends, most electricity suppliers will move you to a standard variable tariff. Because the energy prices on this tariff change according to the price of electricity at the time, it can often end up being expensive.

How do I switch?

You can switch in four easy steps:
  1. Compare the best tariffs from different suppliers.

  2. Once you’ve found the one for you, call them to switch or do it yourself online. They’ll let your old supplier know you’re moving.

  3. Take a meter reading on the day of your switch to give to your new supplier, so you don’t get charged for any energy you used before your switch. We’ll send this reading to your previous supplier.

  4. Lastly, pay your previous suppliers bill or get your refund if you’re in credit.

What happens after I switch?

Your new supplier should take care of all other parts of your switch and will keep you updated on its progress. They’ll get in touch if they need any more information from you. If there are any issues at the start of your registration, you could be asked for an MPAN or MPRN number. These can be found on a bill from your current provider.

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Energy Switch Guarantee

We’re founding members of the Energy Switch Guarantee. This guarantee is designed to reassure you that switching energy is simple, quick and safe. To find out more about the Switch Guarantee, visit www.energyswitchguarantee.com

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