Our commitment to customer fairness

As your gas and electricity supplier, we work hard to ensure we meet your expectations.

What you can expect from First Utility customer service

We always do our best to provide energy in a better way. We do this by:

  • Being open and transparent about our cheap utility tariffs
  • Giving you simple, accurate utility bills in plain English
  • Helping you make your home as energy efficient as possible
  • and giving you the customer service you expect

When you call First Utility with a problem or query, you can expect us to:

  • Listen and understand your First Utility issue or query fully
  • Answer your question thoroughly
  • Provide a resolution or answer the first time, whenever possible

When you get in touch by email, you can expect our customer service team to:

  • Acknowledge your enquiry promptly
  • Always strive to deliver back a full response within 3 days of receiving your email

As you know all too well, electricity and gas prices rise and fall, so if we do need to change our prices, you can expect us to:

  • Give you as much notice as we can
  • Offer you the chance to compare gas and electricity tariffs and change tariffs if you could get a better deal

We'll treat you fairly when it comes to gas and electricity prices:

  • We only have a small difference when paying by direct debit or non-direct debit which simply reflects the administrative cost and nothing more, unlike some other gas and electricity suppliers.

If you want to make a complaint to First Utility, we will:

  • Do our best to fix your issue there and then
  • Sometimes we need to make further investigations into your First Utility complaint, in which case we'll give you a reference number to speed up further communications and we'll keep you updated whilst we're making our enquiries
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