smart online account

Smart online account - Available to customers with smart meters

A First Utility smart online account is unique - currently there is no other energy supplier in the UK that is able to provide you with this level of detail about your energy usage.

  • Graphs showing monthly, weekly and daily usage
  • Half hourly electricity usage
  • Current and previous bills
  • Download your usage data
  • Access to help and advice

You can look at your electricity usage separately to your gas usage.  Furthermore, if you click on the graph you can drill down further and see what your usage looks like on different week days, compared to weekends.  With the electricity graph you can even see how it changes every half an hour!

Smart online account - Drill down to half your hourly electricity usage

Giving you a clearer view of your energy usage puts you in control; you can use this intelligence to implement changes within your home that will ultimately reduce your utility costs. Don't forget, by reducing your energy usage you are doing your bit to help the environment.

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