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What are the permission requests for the First Utility app?

If you have any concerns about specific permissions, please contact us here and we’ll be happy to provide more detail. Here's a list of the specific permission requests:


This permission allows us to access storage information related specifically to the First Utility app e.g. saved information such as usage graph data.


This permission is in place to give customers the ability to make use of a SD card or USB storage for the app. This is primarily for customers whose devices don't have much internal storage.


We have the facility for customers to use their device's flashlight/torch to aid with meter readings. In order to use this, permission to the device camera is required.

WiFi connection information

Many of our features on the app require an internet connection for loading/sending of data e.g. login, retrieving bills, sending meter readings. This permission allows us to determine whether the device is able to load/send this data via wifi or using your data allowance.

Device ID and call information

This permission allows us to identify what state the device is in e.g. sleep mode. This means that we don't need to retrieve/send data when the device is in sleep mode.

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