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Installing Solar PV and how it works

The government have been reducing the tariff rates for new registrations into the Feed-in Tariff scheme on a quarterly basis. To see the latest tariffs please follow the link to Ofgem’s website.

How does it work in practice?

  1. You can install solar panels, wind turbines, Combined Heat and Power, anaerobic digestion or hydro-electric technology and start generating your own renewable energy.
  2. You use the 'free' electricity generated in your home and get paid for every unit that you generate from your agreed start read.

If your electricity needs are greater than the electricity you generate you then buy the extra energy from us.

How will I receive payments?

We’ll make payments directly into the bank account that you supply on your Generation Application form. This will be on a quarterly basis and they’ll be separate to your monthly energy bill. Please ensure that you respond to our quarterly email requests to send your generation meter reading. It’s important to note that if you're reading fails our validation, you’ll need to supply a photograph of the generation meter before the read window closes. If we don’t receive a photo in time your payment won’t be processed and will instead roll over to the next quarter until a valid reading is received.

Do I need another meter?

You’ll need a generation meter fitted as part of the installation, this measures the total amount of electricity you’ve generated.

Who pays for the subsidy?

Effectively this cost is spread across all electricity suppliers in the UK, collected by the Government and then paid back to you through your supplier.

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