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Am I on the best tariff?

We have a range of great tariffs to offer you, with value for money that’ll allow you to spend less on what you need and more on what you want. To change your tariff and for more information about how to choose the best tariff, click here.

Whether you’re looking for fixed savings for longer, the lowest possible price or full flexibility, we have a tariff for you.

I want long-term security

Our longer fixed tariffs protect you from fluctuating energy costs for an extended period, so you can save money in the long run. They’re our most secure option.

I prefer quick savings

Our shorter fixed tariffs can save you money in the short-term.

I prefer not to have a contract

Our fully flexible option is a tariff without a fixed term.

I'm interested in additional rewards

Our tariffs provide you with great savings and can include additional rewards - click here to find out about our current offers.

To find out about our available tariffs click here.

How do you check if I could be paying less on a different tariff?

When we check to see if you could be paying less we consider two options. The first assumes that you keep similar preferences to the ones you have now, the second tells you what the cheapest option is regardless of your preferences. Click here for more information.

Do you still do the Dual Fuel Discount?

The Dual Fuel Discount (or DFD) is no longer a separate benefit, as we’ve now added the savings to all our competitively-priced tariffs. You can compare tariffs here.

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