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What is the Government electricity rebate?

In December 2013 the Government announced plans to cut the cost of consumer energy bills by reducing the impact of ‘green levies’. This has resulted in a £12 rebate on electricity bills.

When will I receive my rebate?

If you were a First Utility electricity customer on 12 October 2014 you are eligible to receive this rebate. Your rebate will appear on your bill between October and November 2014 and will be labelled ‘Government Electricity Rebate’.

Are all suppliers giving this rebate?

Yes, all electricity suppliers are required to provide this rebate to electricity customers.

Why haven’t I received a rebate for my gas?

The scheme is only for electricity. The rationale being that all homes have electricity but not all have gas. If you have an electricity supply with another supplier you should expect to receive your rebate from them.

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