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The Cosy thermostat

About Cosy

Take control of your energy spend with Cosy - the smart thermostat that allows you to adjust your heating from anywhere at anytime, using a smartphone, tablet or a PC - whether you're in, out or away.  Always come home to Cosy.

How does a Cosy thermostat work?

Rather than replacing your existing home heating control, the Cosy will work with it, so you can switch to your previous heating controller whenever you want. For instructions on how to do this and more information about how to work your Cosy, click here.

How does Cosy work?

Cosy provides additional controls for your heating system – it doesn’t replace anything so you can revert to your original heating controls at any time. Cosy has four different heating modes:

How do I get a Cosy?

Here's a link to some information about how do I get a Cosy device and what’s the eligibility criteria?

The benefits of Cosy

  • Control - Cosy lets you take control of your heating through the portable display or via the app, putting you in ultimate control of your heating whether you are home or away.
  • Comfort - The Cosy display can be placed anywhere in the home ensuring that wherever you are, the temperature is just how you like it.
  • Cost Saving - Being able to control your heating on the go, means that you can reduce your energy waste by not heating your home when you’re not there to enjoy it.
  • Convenience - Cosy is designed to fit flexibly with your lifestyle - using the Cosy app on your smart device, you can control your heating from anywhere, at anytime.

If you already have a Cosy thermostat you can find further information in the Cosy user guide.

I’m moving home, can I take my Cosy thermostat with me?

Although you can take your tariff to your new home, the Cosy thermostat equipment can’t be transferred to your new home as this forms part of the central heating system in your current property.

What happens to my heating if my wifi goes down?

If you're unable to control your heating using Cosy, you can revert back to your original heating controls.

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