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What do I do if I'm moving home?

Here’s a short video, explaining what you need to do:

We appreciate that you’ll be busy, but try to contact us on the day of your move or as soon as you can afterwards, so that your bill’s accurate. When you do, we’ll need this information from you:

  • Your new address
  • Your move date
  • Your final meter readings
  • Who'll be responsible for the energy at the property you're moving out of (if you know this).

If you have a prepayment meter you can just let us know about your move on the day. We'll only need:

  • The meter serial number (it’s on the front of your meter next to the barcode and looks something like: X22L 987654).

Already moved in?

We hope your move went well. Get in touch with our Home Move team (01926 320 700) as soon as you can, so we can set up your account. We’ll need this information:

  • Your name
  • Your opening meter reading
  • The date you moved in.

Follow the link for information on how we'll calculate your Personal Projection.

I’m renting out my property, but I’m not living there

If you are between tenants, get in touch with us (01926 320 700) to open an account, so we have a record of who is responsible for the property.

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