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My first meter reading

After your 14 day cooling-off period, we’ll send you an email requesting your first meter reading. You’ll receive separate email requests for your gas and electricity readings, which may come a few days apart. We’ll include a link, so you can go straight through to your online account and submit your reading. Or, you can check your online account in the ‘Readings’ section - when we’re ready for your readings it will show on there. Follow the link for advice on how to read your meter.

Watch our short video and we’ll explain why submitting regular monthly meter readings is really important:

How to submit your meter reads

What happens when I’ve submitted my opening readings?

It’s really important that you submit your opening readings straight away, as we need to send them to the gas and electricity regulators within five days of your switch.

  1. We send your readings to the gas and electricity regulators
  2. The regulators will validate your readings
  3. The regulators send your validated readings to your previous supplier within 28 days
  4. Your previous energy supplier will close your energy account, generate your final bill and refund any credit you have left over.

This way, we can make sure you’re not charged twice for the same energy. You can check your opening readings in the ‘Readings’ section of your online account.

You can check the status of your switch, here.

I’ve checked my opening reading and it’s wrong

If you think your opening readings are wrong, we’ll need to raise a dispute for you. For more information about this process, click here.

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