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There’s credit on my bill, can I have it back?

You’re entitled to a refund but it’s always useful to leave this credit in your account for winter, when your bills can be higher. If you’re on a fixed Direct Debit even if your account is in credit, your monthly payments will still continue.

Make sure you leave enough credit for your next bill, as your Direct Debit may be reassessed if debt builds up on your account. We’ll notify you if we need to make any changes to your monthly payment amount, but if you do want to request a refund you can do this online here.

I’ve left First Utility, when will I receive my refund?

If you’ve switched away from us, we’ll need a final reading before we can refund your final credit. This is the opening reading you gave to your new supplier, which they will send to us within 28 days of your switch. We’ll use this reading to calculate your final bill and if there’s any credit we’ll automatically refund this after at least 10 working days.

If you’ve moved out of a property supplied by us, we’ll need a reading from the day you left the property. We’ll use this to calculate your final bill and refund the remaining credit balance. You'll receive your final credit at least 10 working days after your final bill - if you don't, let us know and we will investigate. 

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