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There's a problem with my bill

The amount on my bill is wrong

Your bill may have been estimated if you haven’t submitted any recent readings, so make sure to check this. Every reading we receive has to be validated by the industry against previous usage history for your meter and if the information doesn’t match we can’t use your reading.

To ensure your bills are as accurate as possible, you’ll need to remember the following:

  • Submit regular monthly readings (submit a reading now);
  • If you submit your reading too late, we can’t bill you accurately. We have to estimate your usage for the latest billing period
  • Always check your previous readings are correct. You can find your previous readings on your bill, or the ‘Submit a reading’ section of your online account. If you’ve submitted the wrong readings, you can delete them here.
  • Check your tariff. You may have reached the end of your current tariff and have moved on to our variable tariff. The longer you fix your tariff for, the less you’d need to check this.

For issues stretching over more than a year, we will need to produce a catch up bill for you. Here’s more information about back-billing.

I submitted my meter reading - why is my bill estimated?

There are a few reasons why your meter reading may not have been accepted:

  • Your reading didn’t line up with industry records for your meter.
  • The previous month’s reading you submitted was higher than the one you tried to submit.
  • Your reading was submitted too late, so it’ll be used in your next bill instead.
  • Your reading was submitted too early, so we used it to calculate an accurate estimate for the rest of your billing period.

To ensure your readings are included in your bills, it’s important that you submit them in line with when your bills are being produced. You’ll receive a monthly email to remind you of the correct date to submit and if you miss this, we’ll produce an estimated bill. When you submit your next reading for next month, if it’s accepted, we’ll send you a recalculated bill to this reading.

I haven’t received my bill

If you haven’t received your bill for more than a month, we may be checking your readings. Sometimes your bill is delayed because your most recent reading is incorrect. For issues stretching over more than a year, we will need to produce a catch up bill for you. Here’s more information about back-billing.

The details on my bill are wrong

If the wrong details have been included on your bill, such as the wrong billing address, get in touch here.

I’m struggling to pay my bills

If you’re worried about paying your bill, you can find advice about debt management in our Paying your bill policy, which is in the policies section of our website. We want to support you in getting back on track, so call us on 01926 320 778. You can also get free, independent advice from the charity, Step Change, by calling 0800 138 1111.

I’ve switched away, but you’re still billing me

If you’ve switched away, but you’re still receiving bills from us, we may just be sending you your final bill. You can check this, in the readings section of your bill as there will be an ‘F’ next to your final readings. If you’ve checked and this isn’t the case, there may have been an issue with your switch away. In this case, your new supplier may have taken over the wrong supply and your supply may still be with us - this is called an Erroneous Transfer.

The reasons for an Erroneous Transfer could be:

  • The national database has the wrong meter details for your address, as it hasn’t been updated for a while.
  • Your property is a flat, or an apartment and your meter details are registered to the wrong flat number on the national database.
  • We have the wrong meter details for your property on our system.
  • Your application included the wrong address.

If you’re worried that this has happened, get in touch with your new supplier to make sure they have the right details for you.

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