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Direct Debit reassessments

When you start with us, we calculate a 12 month quote for your chosen tariff plan. But there may be changes to your home life and with that, your usage habits may go up or down so this amount may change.

If we find that you're paying too much or too little, we may decide to change your monthly payment. We’ll only contact you if we need to make a change to your monthly amount. For more information, see our fixed Direct Debit page.

If my account is currently in credit, can my monthly payment amount be increased after reassessment?

Yes we can. To predict whether we’ll increase your payment amount, we calculate your energy usage up to your anniversary date using:

  • meter readings
  • the weather
  • industry data.

I can’t afford my new monthly amount

If you’re struggling to pay your new monthly payment amount, contact us online.

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