First Utility broadband FAQs

Here you'll find answers to the questions we're asked most about our Broadband plans.


How can I sign up to First Utility broadband?

You can sign up online, or by calling customer services on 01926 328 002.

How long will it take to switch?

Switching usually takes around 14 days. We’ll normally confirm your broadband activation date within 48 hours of you placing your order.

Do I need to contact my current provider?

Unless you're a Virgin Media customer, you won't need to contact your current provider - we'll do that for you. If you are a Virgin Media customer you'll need to contact them to stop your service, they normally require 30 days notice.

Will First Utility provide a router?

As part of your package, we will provide you with a wireless router.

Why do I need to provide my phone number when placing an order?

By providing your phone number we are able to estimate your broadband speeds more accurately. Additionally, if you want to keep your existing phone number you must provide this at the time you place your order.

Can I keep my existing phone number?

You can normally keep your existing phone number, if for any reason you cannot keep your number, we will let you know. If you are a Virgin Media or Sky customer, you will usually get a new telephone number.

Why are no products available to me?

Our network partner does not have a nationwide network and therefore we may not be able to provide service in certain areas. Additionally, there are certain services such as BT Basic, that we are not able to move to First Utility. If you have any questions, please call us.

Why are SuperFirst and UltraFirst Broadband not available to me?

SuperFirst and UltraFirst broadband are provided over Openreach’s fibre network which is not available nationwide. To check when fibre will be available in your area check on the

Speed and usage

How fast will my broadband be?

When you place your order, we will run a check to see what products are available and an estimate of what speeds you will get. This will give you a range of speeds you can expect to get, for example 14 to 17Mbps. This speed estimate is the ‘line speed’ you can expect to get assuming your line and router are working optimally.
The speed you will actually get can be impacted by factors such as the distance your home is from the local exchange or cabinet. Additionally, other factors can impact the speed you will get including the quality of your internal wiring, the weather and your home environment. The speed you get will also be lower if you connect via Wi-Fi.

How much can I download?

All of our broadband packages are totally unlimited, this means you can download as much as you want without worrying about additional charges. We will also never slow down your service, even at peak times.

How do I add a call package?

You can add a call package when you initially sign up or you can add one at any time by calling customer services.

Can I upgrade to SuperFirst or UltraFirst broadband after I have signed up?

If you sign up to First Broadband and decide you would like to upgrade to fibre, you can upgrade at any time. It usually takes about 14 days to upgrade to fibre. A new 18-month contract will apply to customers upgrading.

Plan details

Do I get a better price for being a First Utility energy customers?

If you are a First Utility energy customer, you may get a better price. Log-in to my account to get your personalised quote. If you leave First Utility energy, the price you pay may change, we will tell you if this is the case.

How long is the minimum broadband term?

All of our broadband products have an initial minimum term of 18 months.

Will the price I pay increase at the end of the minimum term?

The monthly charge you pay will not increase at the end of your minimum term.

Can I change my mind?

If you sign up for First Utility broadband, you have 14 days ‘cooling off’ period. During this time you can change your mind and cancel your order free of charge. If you wish to cancel your order, please contact customer services.

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