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Once upon a time the UK market was dominated by a handful of big-name energy providers. Nowadays there are many suppliers giving the ‘Big Six’ a run for their money. And we’re leading the charge.

Since our business began in 2008, our sights have been set on challenging the high prices and poor service offered by the ‘Big Six’. We do this by:

  • Offering our customers low­-cost, fair and transparent energy prices and tools to help them save time, energy and money
  • Lobbying Government and regulators to make the energy industry fairer and cheaper for all
Despite the successful growth of independent energy companies like First Utility, we remain deeply concerned that millions of homes are being needlessly ripped off by the goliath suppliers. While we believe in engaging our customers and offering fair, low prices; the Big Six rely on high numbers of disengaged customers paying over the odds.

Despite endless energy market inquiries, 7 out of 10 Big Six customers (16 million households) remain on their supplier’s worst possible tariff1 (the standard variable tariff), paying several hundred pounds a year more than customers on the best possible deals available in the market. Alarmingly, a significant proportion of these customers have been overpaying for years and in some instances decades.

Worst of all, the people paying too much are those who can least afford it. People over 65 are half as likely to switch as middle aged people; those in grade DE a third less likely than those in grade AB2. The elderly and and those on lower incomes all pay significantly over the odds because the Big Six know these customers are unlikely to switch.

First Utility has a proud history of campaigning on energy prices and a strong record for delivering industry change that creates a better, fairer and more competitive energy market to benefit UK households. We are actively campaigning and lobbying for Government to explore options that will change the way ‘loyal’ customers are treated by the incumbent suppliers in order to fix the energy market for the long term. We believe the best way to do this is by:

  • Making it mandatory for all suppliers to move all of their long term standard variable customers onto the cheapest tariff
  • Enforce regular and transparent customer engagement, highlighting to customers the cheapest tariffs in the market
We believe these measures in combination would save people hundreds off their annual bill and increase engagement and trust in the UK energy market for the long haul.

[1] CMA Final Energy Market Report, June 2016, Link
[2] Ofgem, February 2015, Retail Market Review Survey – based on just under 6,000 face-to-face interviews with consumers responsible for their energy bills

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