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We’re committed to giving you greater control by sharing the knowledge you need to lower your spend. This is why we’re putting our energy into developing new technologies to:
  • Improve your home’s energy efficiency
  • Make sure you get accurate, not estimated bills
  • Save money not just once, but everyday.
With the tools to show your usage, together with ideas for saving energy - the rest is up to you!

My Energy

my-energy-tablet Our money-saving tool exclusive to First Utility customers puts you in control of your usage like never before. With a variety of simple tools you can quickly see exactly how much you’re spending on your energy. You’ll also be able to see how by making a few small changes like changing your lightbulbs or turning the TV off standby you could be saving money. It's easy to tailor these savings to your own household; you can even find out how energy efficient you are compared to your neighbours. Log in and discover My Energy

Smart Meters

We've committed to roll out Smart Meters to all our customers before 2020. Smart Meters are 'smarter' than digital and mechanical meters because you don’t need to take manual meter readings.
  • A Smart Meter takes your readings automatically either half hourly, daily or monthly, depending on your preference.
  • The readings are sent to us via mobile communication technology such as SMS and GPRS.
  • These readings are used to produce bills that are even more accurate.
Your Smart Meter gives you greater insight and control into your energy usage and spend.

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