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We’re committed to helping our customers save time, energy and money. For our energy customers, we transparently share usage and account insights and provide tools to help them lower their energy bills by cutting out waste.


My Energy

Our exclusive money-saving tool puts you in control of your energy usage. It shows you exactly how much you're spending at any given moment. Its range of tools help calculate how much you could save on your bills through small adjustments, like changing your light bulbs or turning the TV off standby. You can even find out how energy efficient you are compared to your neighbours.

First Utility app

Our top-rated energy app provides a range of online features to help you manage your account on the go. At the click of a button you can, submit a meter reading, view your bills and usage, get immediate answers to account questions or simply check out the weather in your area so you can adjust your heating and save energy.

The app is available on both iOS and Android devices.


Smart Meters

We've committed to roll out Smart Meters to all our customers before 2020, replacing mechanical meters. We believe they offer greater insight and control into energy usage and spend because they take your readings automatically, eliminating the need for manual meter readings. These readings are then sent to us via mobile communication technology such as SMS and GPRS, which are used to produce bills that are even more accurate.

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