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In our mission to help our customers save money and be more energy efficient we are a supplier of the Government’s Feed In Tariff scheme.

Introduced in 2010, the Feed In Tariff scheme pays homeowners to make their own energy from renewable sources such as solar power, wind turbines and hydropower. The scheme is part of the Government’s target to produce 15% of the UK’s electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

Once you have your own generation equipment installed, our Feed In Tariff scheme pays you for every kWh of electricity you make from your renewable generator. For information on the tariff rates for the Feed In Tariff scheme, please visit Ofgem’s website.

If you are a First Utility customer but have already registered for the Feed in Tariff scheme with another supplier, you are not required to transfer your FITs to First Utility. However if you still want to switch your FITs you can find our switching suppliers form here. If you want to discuss switching with us us please email feedintariffs@first-utility.com or call 01926 328006 to discuss the matter.

Join our Feed In Tariff scheme

If your generating equipment was fitted before the 15th January 2016 we'll need to have your completed generator application form and MCS certificate by 31st March 2016 to qualify for the Feed In Tariff scheme. If your application was commissioned before 15th January 2016, but wasn't received by us by 31st March 2016 it won't be part of the Feed In Tariff scheme and you won't receive payment for any generation.

If you'd like to be paid to make your own energy and to sell some of it back to the electricity grid, it’s easy to register for the scheme. Simply follow these steps.

Step 1 - Read the small print

Please read the Feed In Tariff terms and conditions before you take part in the scheme

Step 2 - Fill in the agreement form

Download and complete the Generator Agreement form

  • Ensure that you fully complete the Generator Agreement form
  • When we receive a fully completed Generator Agreement form and MCS Certificate we will contact you for a generation meter read
  • Please make sure the First Utility account holder signs this form
  • All documentation stated on page one of the Generator Agreement form is forwarded to the FITs Team to register the technology with Ofgem
  • Scan and email this form back to us at feedintariffs@first-utility.com or pop it in the post

Remember: We will contact you once we have received the relevant documentation for a generation meter read.

Step 3 - Adding you to the register

When we receive all of this documentation we will add you to the Central Feed In Tariff Register

Step 4 - Your Feed In Tariff plan
We will send you a Feed In Tariff plan along with our Statement of Feed In Tariff terms. Read these carefully, sign and return to us. Once we receive these we can start making payments to you.
Step 5 - Start receiving payment

After Ofgem accepts your registration and you have returned your signed Statement of Feed In Tariff terms, payments will be made to you each quarter, subject to you sending us valid meter readings.

Once your Feed In Tariff is set up
We will send an email reminder to you every quarter to submit an accurate meter reading. If you prefer to send us readings more regularly, you can email feedintariffs@first-utility.com.

Further information

Thinking of applying?

You can return all forms to us

Email :feedintariffs@first-utility.com

Post your forms to us at:
Feed In Tariffs scheme
First Utility
Point 3
Opus 40 Business Park
Haywood Road
CV34 5AH

Please note: the scheme will be changing for new registrations, click here for more information.

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