Helping Children and Families

We’re proud to be supporting the NSPCC to help children and families across the UK. We have supported the NSPCC since May 2013 with internal fundraising and we share similar values; we both want to help children and families. Our partnership steps up our relationship with the NSPCC and sees us commit to raising more than £200,000 by the end of this year through a range of activities and offers to our customers.

Families and children are universal and we are both active campaigners on their behalf - committed to empowering and engaging families across the UK and putting them in control. While NSPCC helps families by protecting children, we help families by helping them spend less on what they need and more on what they want.

NSPCC is one of the most well-known charities in the UK, doing fantastic work in raising awareness and helping children. We will be supporting their cause through various channels including internal fundraising, donating directly and encouraging our customers who have saved on their energy, to donate what they can.

Find out more about how you could donate to NSPCC here.

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