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iSave Everyday

One of the ways we’re changing the energy market is by always offering low, fair prices when you join First Utility.

This variable tariff gives you the peace of mind of our Price Promise so you can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that when you sign up your average annual price will be less than it would be if you opted for a standard tariff from one of the ‘big six’.

£1,135* average annual bill
To give you a guideline of what your bill might be when you switch to iSave Everyday we have calculated a bill for a medium sized home using Ofgem’s national average consumption rates. Your actual payments will be based on your meter readings and may differ to this guideline figure.

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Everyday value

Cheaper than the big six standard tariffs**.
Backed by First Utility Price Promise, you can be sure this iSave Everyday tariff is cheaper than any standard tariff offered by British Gas, E.ON, npower, SSE, Scottish Power or EDF.

Monthly Direct Debit
This tariff lets you benefit from fluctuations in energy prices and helps you budget with a predictable monthly Direct Debit. We assess your Direct Debit payment regularly so that you never pay more than you need to for your energy.

Simply send us your details, we’ll set up your Direct Debit, and your payments will automatically come out of your account each month until you contact us.

No dual fuel discount so your unit cost is lower
Often when you have one supplier for both your gas and electricity you are rewarded with a discount. Whilst this sounds good, it can mean that you pay higher prices throughout the year.

With iSave Everyday your unit cost is lower, so you save from the very start.

No early exit fee
You can switch to another tariff or energy supplier at anytime without being penalised a penny.

Online features

Manage your account online
We believe you should be able to understand the way we calculate your bill and the way you use your energy. Switch to iSave Everyday and you can keep a close eye on your energy and your bills online.

Submit your meter readings online
Regular meter readings are the key to avoiding expensive estimated bills, but we know it can be difficult to remember to take regular readings. We remind you by email each month and use this data to accurately calculate your next bill, so you never pay more than you need to for your energy.

Tariff details

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We’re helping every customer save energy and save money

*Average annual bill based on a national average usage of 3,200 kWh of electricity and 13,500 kWh of gas.

**** The price promise relates to the following competitor dual fuel tariffs (or any replacement tariffs as that company's Standard Tariff): British Gas - Standard, E.ON - Energy Plan, Scottish Power - Standard, npower - Standard, EDF - Standard (Variable), SSE - Standard Energy, in each case as offered directly by the relevant company with a Direct Debit payment method and paperless billing.

On a weekly basis we will compare the prices of this tariff against those listed above. The calculation will be based on average usage of 3,200kWh of electricity and 13,500kWh of gas on a national basis. If the cheapest average bill value based on average usage on a national basis of any of these tariffs falls below ours, then we will reduce our tariff to be lower than that average bill value within 60 days of your next Billing Cycle. These tariff comparisons will be listed on our website. National means “The Non-Exclusive Appointed Area” that shall mean any geographical area in mainland Great Britain.

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