Make life easier with a First Utility dual fuel tariff

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Have you checked in case you’re paying too much lately?

We believe there is a better way to choose a cheap energy tariff, and also to make the most of it by putting you in control.

We have developed 4 simple tariffs that offer clear benefits which suit your lifestyle, including a Price Promise (for our Everyday tariff) which guarantees your prices will be cheaper than all of the "Big Six" standard tariffs*.

Try our dual fuel price comparison table

iSave Fixed 2015 - Our cheapest available fixed tariff £994** average annual bill Quick quote
iSave Fixed 2016 - Certainty for two winters £1,095** average annual bill Quick quote
iSave Fixed 2017 - Long-term certainty £1,177** average annual bill Quick quote
iSave Everyday - Cheaper than the big six standard tariffs*. £1,159** average annual bill Quick quote

Why not get a quick quote now and see what changing your dual fuel tariff could mean for your savings.

Find out more about our dual fuel tariffs now.

* The price promise relates to the following competitor tariffs (or any replacement tariffs as that company's Standard Tariff): British Gas - Clear and Simple, E.ON - Energy Plan, Scottish Power - Standard, npower - Standard no standing charge, EDF - Standard (Variable), SSE - Standard Energy, in each case as offered directly by the relevant company with a Direct Debit payment method and paperless billing.

On a weekly basis we will compare the prices of this tariff against those listed above. The calculation will be based on average usage of 3,200kWh of electricity and 13,500kWh of gas on a national basis. If the cheapest average bill value based on average usage on a national basis of any of these tariffs falls below ours, then we will reduce our tariff to be lower than that average bill value within 60 days of your next Billing Cycle. These tariff comparisons will be listed on our website. National means “The Non-Exclusive Appointed Area” that shall mean any geographical area in mainland Great Britain.

**Average annual bill based on average usage of 3,200 kWh of electricity and 13,500 kWh of gas on a national basis.

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