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Exceptional customer service is one of our key priorities. To make sure we don’t just pay lip service to this, we actively invest in training, high-tech systems and more staff.

The team members below are the face of First Utility. They’re the people you might speak to when you get in touch with us. Just like you, they get frustrated by the complexities of the energy industry too and are hungry for change.

DavidLeading our switching team : David
We know the process of switching energy suppliers can be difficult at times. Mostly it’s just the way the industry works. David has selected our expert team of switchers and trained them to know the process inside out.

You can contact David and his team by emailing

ParveenLeading our customer case resolution team : Parveen
When your query is more complicated, your case is passed to Parveen and her team. Each team member takes full responsibility for seeing a case through from end to end and are experts in how both First Utility and the rest of the industry works.

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