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We all know we should be more efficient in the way we use gas and electricity around the home. But energy isn’t like a dripping tap; we can’t see it flowing through our walls and we don’t get instant rewards for switching off our plugs or for boiling less water in the kettle. Gas and electricity always feel a bit beyond our control.

Rather than leaving you in the dark, at First Utility we’ve developed a clever online programme called my:energy that makes your energy visible, quantifiable and totally controllable for the very first time!

What is my:energy?
This online tool runs on all our tariffs and is constantly working in the background to monitor the amount of energy you use, when you use it, and where you can make savings. After a couple of months of switching to First Utility we gather enough of your actual meter readings for my:energy to create at-a-glance graphs, relevant reduction tips, high usage alerts for customers with smart meters and much more.

See your energy use
my:energy plots your actual meter readings on a graph to show you how much energy you’re using and how it changes month to month, year to year. Once you can see it, you can take control of it.

Energy efficiency tips
my:energy will look at the details you have given us about your home and suggest relevant, budget-sensitive tips that you can pledge to do and boost your energy efficiency – from freebies to great investments.

Make energy reduction goals
my:energy will help you set goals to reduce the amount of energy you use and it will give you lots of tips which fit with your lifestyle on how you can achieve this. By setting your goals you can create your handy energy reduction plan for your home.

Compare your home
my:energy lets you compare the efficiency of your home to similar houses in your area to see how efficient your home could be and how much money and energy you could potentially save.

Watch your energy and your bills drop month to month
With your energy saving measures in place you’ll be able to see both your usage and your bills drop - now that’s rewarding!

See if you’re using more energy than last year
When you’ve been with us for a year and more we will be able to show you how your energy usage compares to last winter and last summer so you can see if you need to rein in your energy usage.

We’re helping every customer save energy and save money

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