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We all know we should be more efficient in the way we use gas and electricity around the home. But energy isn’t like a dripping tap; we can’t see it flowing through our walls and we don’t get instant rewards for switching off our plugs or for boiling less water in the kettle. Gas and electricity always feel a bit beyond our control.
Rather than leaving you in the dark, at First Utility we’re developing a clever online programme called My Energy that makes your energy more visible and understandable, putting you in control.

What is My Energy?

My Energy is a series of online tools that show your energy usage in interesting ways that make it easy to understand and help you to see where you could be saving money. After 3-4 months of switching to First Utility we gather enough of your actual meter readings for My Energy to show you your predicted usage over 3, 6 and 12 months, how your usage compares to similar homes in your area, tips on how to save energy easily in your home and much more. Right now, My Energy is in a testing phase and we are inviting feedback from a range of customers on how we can make it even more useful.

More information will be available soon but in the meantime, log in to My Account and look for the green My Energy Beta section in the menu and give it a go!

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